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Here’s another web roundup to fill up your web browsers before digging into turkey and mash potatoes.

In last week’s In the ‘Works, we shared new details on Fallout: New Vegas’ upcoming DLC, Dead Money, which hits Xbox LIVE on December 21st. You can also check out the content’s fact sheet, and above we’ve got the first screenshot.

More news, including coverage on the iPhone release of RAGE, after the jump.


With RAGE’s release on iTunes, id Software technical director and co-founder, John Carmack, took some time away from rocket ships and videogames to talk about the game’s release. In Joystiq’s coverage, Carmack discusses his desire to do a racing-based RAGE title, as well as other ideas he has for the platform. For more interviews with John, including discussion on Game Center and future projects, check out the following links…

And if you missed it, you can also check out Nick and I’s interview with John for The Bethesda Podcast.

In other RAGE-related news, a number of reviews for the game are up. Here’s just a snippet of what’s out there.

  • IGN“Mutant Bash TV is a stunning game, loaded with over-the-top violence.”
  • Gizmodo – ”The graphics are unbelievably good, the best of any iPhone game yet. It’s a must-download if you love shooters—just look. It’s nuts.”
  • Touch Arcade“… it’s also one of the best ways to both show off the power of your iPhone…”
  • Engadget“…if you’re looking for the best way to kill, murder, and obliterate 30 minutes of your lifetime, this .99 gorefest would top our list of recommendations.”
  • Touch Reviews“Rage is great fun. Really great fun! I heartily recommend it. You must buy it. But know that you are basically playing a shooting gallery game, albeit with great production values, awesome sound, and gorgeous graphics.”
  • Pad Gadget“The graphics are simply amazing, as it’s hard to believe the game runs on an iPad.”
  • The Portable Gamer“Rage HD is a marvel to behold on your iPad.”
  • IntoMobile“If you own an iPhone 4 or iPad, you’ll want to pick up RAGE HD.”
  • Middle East Gamers “An impressive technical showpiece that will leave you spellbound with its visuals.”
  • Apple Gazette: “Rage for iOS is another media marvel from id Software, the fine folks who brought you Quake and Doom, games that need no introduction.”

Moving to other news, DigiNews has an all-new preview for Hunted: The Demon’s Forge. And speaking of the game, don’t forget to enter our Ultimate Co-Op sweeps at GameStop.

And wrapping things up, here’s a few fun links definitely worth checking out.

That’s all for this week.  Happy Thanksgiving!

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