Happy Friday, everyone — especially to Europeans that can now purchase Dishonored!

To celebrate the today’s release date, our London office coordinated with visual design director Viktor Antonov and art director Sebastien Mittion to Dishonor-ize one of London’s most recognizable buildings, “The Shard”.

To see more pics, visit the official website of the UK newspaper,  The Daily Record.

After the break, see the latest news and reviews for Dishonored…

Shacknews - “It is role-playing at its story-driven finest and Arkane has created a formula worth emulating.”
Guardian (5/5) - “Dishonored is a playpen for expression, perhaps not as wide or diverse as it aspires to be, but wide enough.”
MMGN (9.5/10) - “Dishonored is different to anything you’ve ever played. Your experience will likely be different to mine from a game that is built around an elaborate set of player choices. Dishonored removes the shackles and allows the player to dictate their own terms. It’s most rewarding as a stealth game, but that isn’t to take anything away from the combat.
Xbox 360 Achievements (93/100) – “Dishonored is this year’s must-have new IP, with fresh ideas, plenty of charm and inventiveness, and tying them together in a stylish fashion. Who said creativity in the games industry was dead, huh? Dishonored says hello. Your free time says goodbye.”
USA Today (3.5/4) - “In an industry overwhelmingly dominated by sequels, Dishonored is a welcome addition to the fall lineup, representing one of the most unique experiences launched this year.”
4 Player Network (95/100) – “Dishonored is one of those games we have been hyped about for months, and now finally arriving, has blown through my expectations and entered the stratosphere of game of the year material.”
Associated Press (4/4) - “… one of the year’s finest games.”
Dual Shockers (9/10) - ”You’ve got a wonderful stealth mechanic, the ability to kill (or not kill) people in very creative ways, a unique environment, and best of all, a real sense of choice and the weight of consequences.”
Daily Record (5/5) - Its great to see a new gaming IP and even better as its a strong contender for game of the year.

Digital Chumps (9/10) - “They don’t make them like this anymore.”
Bloody Disgusting (9/10) - ”If revenge is a dish best served cold, I’m eating frozen meals from now on, because this is delicious.”
Sydney Morning Herald (8.5/10) - Dishonored is a great game. The variety of ways you can accomplish your missions are fun, engaging and offer plenty of replayability.
XTGD (9.0/10) - Dishonored is truly a gem in a field of sequels and “me-too” titles flooding the market. It is a new IP developed with a lot of the conventions of game design in mind.

Atomic Gamer (9/10) - “One thing that you’ll notice early on is that Dishonored doesn’t look quite like any game you’ve played. The style is steampunk meets the industrial era with a dash of fantasy and sci-fi, all done with Victorian-age fashion and architecture.”

Venture Beat (86/100) - “Dishonored nails the Thief-style gameplay while missing the BioShock-quality story that would’ve elevated it into something truly special. It’ll have to settle for amazingly cool instead. The impressive depth, range, and balance earn this one an easy recommendation despite a few hiccups and one dreary, excessively long level.”9
AtomicPC (95%) -“After our list print-preview, we boldly called Dishonored a serious contender for Game of the Year. After actually playing the final release, I’m very happy to stand by that claim – Arkane’s created something very special indeed.”

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